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Born in Nottingham in 1966 and brought up in a village just outside the city called Burton Joyce. Became a lifelong supporter of Notts County FC. I worked in several dead end jobs after leaving school only to return to full time education at the age of 20. I studied engineering and management for 4 years and then began work with Peugeot Motor Company in Coventry. 

In 1998, I decided to leave the UK for a while and work in the travel industry. What was supposed to be a 2 year sabbatical, turned into 15 year life changing journey that took me to Spain, Andorra, France,  Switzerland, Austria, USA and Canada.

As part of this journey of discovery, I realised that the outdoor life suited me. In particular mountain life. I became an avid hiker in the summer and skier in the winter. I only started running at the age of 41 but am now a total convert. It changed my life completely and has brought me endless pleasure, excitement and contentment ever since.

Now living back in the UK, based in East Yorkshire and working as a Postman for Royal Mail.  I live with my wife Zoe who is also a keen runner and is now my training partner too.

I'm a member and also the Chairman of the Driffield Striders Running Club. 

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email: davidaparkin@yahoo.co.uk  

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