Saturday, June 16, 2012

Longest Day 10k 2012

I went into this race with no training as I had been injured with shin splints since the Vancouver Half Marathon some 6 weeks earlier.  I had only run a couple of times and only short slow ones too. 

Therefore, it was just a case of trying to do a solid run and use it to kick off my come back from injury.  Not forgetting a good social event too with a number of my new running club buddies also competing and supporting as well as a good post race BBQ. Finally, a chance for me to wear my new club colours in a flashy new PRR singlet!

The run went OK for the first 5km, my legs felt good but I had no real speed in them.  Then I felt the achilles in my left leg tighten, so I slowed as it starting to hurt.  Damn!

I crossed the line in just under 45 minutes and found myself hobbling as I walked to the bag check to collect my stuff.  Not quite the plan that I had in mind.  My achilles has been hurting for the week after the race and my shin splint seems to have flared up again.  So, back to no running again for me :(

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