Sunday, June 23, 2013

Scotiabank Half Marathon 2013

After having a great experience at this race last year, I was keen to do it again in 2013. Although last year I virtually jogged round the course as I was recovering from various lower leg injuries and completed the race in 1hr 46mins. My slowest ever half marathon time.  I was hoping for a much faster time this year after a solid year of running so far.

After the disappointment of my experience at this years BMO Vancouver Half Marathon, I was very focused on controlling my pace and not going out too fast.  I knew my target pace was just under 7min/mile.  I was hoping to just dip under 1hr 30min for the race.

The first couple of miles were downhill and then we turned around and climbed back up those 2 miles and a little further, so I was watching my Garmin carefully on the downhill. Don't overcook it especially as I would have to run back up the hill, not my strong point at all.  Things went pretty well for the first few miles and I reached the 10km point in 43mins.  Just about on track.

Everything was feeling good as I crossed the half way point and began the second half of the race.  I had a gel just after the halfway mark to ensure I had a little extra energy.  However, at the 15km marker I was feeling tired, my energy was fading.  Oh no, not again. Shit!!  Dig in and focus.  As I reached the 10 mile point, I knew I wasn't going to be able maintain the pace, I was struggling and I started to slow.  My target time was gone and I just had to keep going. 

I was confused why this had happened again.  I had controlled my pace better, I had used gels at the start and halfway point, I had trained well. So why could I not maintain the pace?  I spent the last 5km searching for an answer and looking forward to the finishing line.  I realised that when my target time is no longer an option, my mind can tell my body to just take it easy now, cruise to the finish. I tried to resist as best I could but I have to admit to succumbing a little towards the end. 

I crossed the line in 1hr 37mins.  Not what I was hoping for by any means but 9 minutes better than last year. Look for the positive eh!  When I finally broke 1hr 30min for the first time for a half marathon at the BMO in 2012, I had just done the London Marathon a couple of weeks before. So maybe I need to fit in some longer training runs before my next half marathon.  Guess I'll find out in the next one.   

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