Sunday, December 1, 2013

Edwinstowe 10k Trail Race 2013

This decision to run this race was a spontaneous one, like many of my races.  We made it with our good friends Justin and Julia. It looked like a scenic course through some of the trails of Sherwood Forest at Edwinstowe near Nottingham.  Julia was brought up in Edwinstowe and her parents still live there, so we decided to stay over and make a weekend of it.

We woke up on race morning to blue skies and frost on the ground.  After a leisurely breakfast, we headed out for the start which was just a short walk through the village. As it turned out, the race had sold out with 500 runners signing up, making for a great atmosphere.  Justin and Julia hadn't had chance to train much and Zoe and myself had only managed one run in two weeks as we had both been suffering colds.  Hence, a group decision was made to just relax and enjoy the occasion.  

The course was undulating but the trails were dry and firm.  We were soon running into Sherwood Forest and enjoying the best that mother nature has to offer.  The hills came and went, the trails twisted and turned, the air was crisp and cool, we all had a blast.

I crossed the line in 44mins 33secs, Zoe then finished in 46mins 07secs, with Justin and Julia coming in at 58mins - holding hands and smiling faces.  This was a really enjoyable race and one that might well become a yearly event.

That wraps up my race calender for 2013.  I've had a brilliant year with many amazing memories including my first ultra marathon. I've managed to stay injury free and have run more mileage than ever before. I will miss running with my Canadian friends now that I am living in the UK but have found myself the best running partner ever in Zoe:)  I'm already planning many races for 2014 and hope for a few more PB's and many more adventures.  I can't wait!

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