Sunday, March 9, 2014

East Hull 20 2014

This race was another build up for London Marathon and one to be just used as a training run, not to be raced. Zoe and I have been training hard and were planning on running it together. However, Zoe suffered an injury to her hamstring in the final week before the race, so was unable to do it. She still came to support and watch though. Team Boofee!

The weather was warm and sunny but also quite windy too.  The race course was mainly flat and through country lanes.  I planned on averaging 7min 45secs per mile pace for the 20 miles and bag myself a good long run in preparation for London.

Once underway, I soon settled into my rhythm and clocked the miles off but my pace was more like 7min 30secs but it felt easy.  The wind was at our backs and I decided to go with it. I reached the 10 mile mark and I was feeling good. The wind proved to be great as it was cooling the runners in the warm conditions. However, once we turned back towards the direction we had come from, it became a headwind which made the going much tougher.

The effort level increased to maintain the pace and it became hard work. After a few more miles, my pace was slowing.  I dug in and decided to just focus on each mile and get to the finish.  Tiredness crept in and the last 5 miles were tough.  My legs were now reminding me that I had not tapered for the race. A 19 mile run the week before and speed training during the week, my legs were not happy. I was pleased to finally see the finishing line and Zoe's smiling face. No usual sprint finish today, just cruised over the line in a time of 2 hours 37 mins. Slightly slower than I had hoped for at 7min 51sec per mile pace but OK in the circumstances. 

That's it, just 5 weeks until London.  Time to focus, stay healthy and train hard. I really hope Zoe's hamstring gets better soon and she can continue training too.  Fingers crossed!

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