Monday, June 9, 2014

Hull 10k 2014

The Hull 10k is part of the Jane Tomlinson's Run For All race series.  The race is run around the city centre streets and takes in some landmark buildings as well as vistas across the waterfront. The race attracted over 5000 runners including Zoe and myself. We are always keen to do local races and both wanted to run a few more shorter races this year.

My race preparation was far from ideal.  After suffering a calf injury during the North Lincolnshire Half Marathon, I had only managed a couple of runs in the four weeks leading up to the race.  I had to resort to spinning classes twice a week in order to keep up my fitness levels. 

The race began at 9.30am but the sun was already beating down on us as we waited on the start.  We were glad it was only a 10k race as it was going to be a hot one. Due to my lack of training, we decided to run our own races as Zoe had been much faster than me in the couple of runs that I had managed in the week leading up to the race.

The race was soon underway and we were winding our way through the city streets.  I had no idea what pace to run at, having missed so much training.  So I decided to run on how I felt.  The first two miles went by at 6min 30sec/mile pace and it felt OK.  I was keeping up with Zoe and she was running well.  However, I decided to slow my pace after 3 miles as my legs were not happy at all. The lack of training was starting to tell.  I wasn't surprised and dug in for the second half of the race.  

Zoe was flying and feeling confident of a good time, maybe a PB.  I was now feeling it and trying to maintain a decent pace but slowing mile on mile.  Suddenly I saw Zoe ahead of me walking and then trying to stretch out her calf.  As I approached, I decided to stop and make sure she was OK. However, she started running again just before I reached her.  She was able to keep running and pick up the pace again after a short time.  So I never caught up but could see her in the distance as we neared the finish line. 

I crossed the line in 43mins 41secs.  Not great but I gave it my all.  I had lost my speed as a result of virtually no running for 4 weeks before the race.  Zoe finished in 43 mins 18secs bagging herself 4th woman (out of over 1,500 other female runners) and 2nd in her age category.  However, she missed a potential PB time due to having to walk and stop mid race because a calf injury. 

As it turns out, both Zoe and I have now both suffered calf injuries mid race in our last two races.  Bad luck indeed. 

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